Is your AMS system tired, outdated, missing important features, or worse yet, everything launched recently was a huge upgrade cost to your association or MLS?

Well the Solid Earth AMS (SEAMS) is here to help!

Built with extensive research into what not only associations need but their members too, SEAMS will provide the single best experience for your membership.  Our parent company, TRIBUS, has worked with small, medium, large, and even mega brokerages for over 10 years.  In that time, the TRIBUS team heard countless times about the issues in agents and brokerages connecting up with their Associations and MLSs to get more value.  They heard that tasks as simple as paying a bill via credit card involved a phone call to the association exec.  They heard that members didn’t understand the value provided by their association or MLS.  So when TRIBUS acquired Solid Earth, the teams immediately decided to fix this process.

Built on modern web technologies and using the most robust data warehouse / API available in real estate, SEAMS will help not only your staff, but your members be more productive.   More importantly SEAMS will be improved over time and features added at no cost to your association or MLS.

Launch Features Will Include:

  • Membership dashboards
  • Engagement tracking
  • Automated billing
  • Email marketing
  • Chat / News
  • Member productivity insights using AI
  • Deep member tracking including languages spoken, designations, years in the business and more…
  • Usage of the RESO Universal Organization and Universal Licensee identifiers to remove duplicates
  • Product purchasing
  • Task management including onboarding new members
  • Class management / billing
  • Committee membership / management
  • Single Sign On to Association / MLS provided tools
  • Integrations with other tools including Zapier
  • Agent and Brokerage portals to see not only their past invoices, but everything else provided by your Association / MLS
  • Connections to NAR’s new M1 upgrade to NRDS


Planned Features Include:

  • Employee management
  • Business intelligence platform (similar to PowerBI or Tableau) for slicing and dicing your data
  • Association Apps including push notifications of news and events


We’re looking for launch partners now.  Launching July 2021!

Solid Earth AMS
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