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IdP / SSO Dashboards

Your members will never need to remember a the password again with the Ezement IdP / SSO and security platform.

CREN SSO / IDP Dashboard
Identity Management

Your Members Need Easy Access
You Need Increased Security

Logins and Identity – they are one of the most important aspect of MLS and Association membership.

It’s the starting place for every single agent each day.  Under All Is The Land is the tagline for the National Association of Realtors, but under all Associations / MLSs is the identity.  It’s a place that not many companies have focused on.  So agents / brokers have ended up with 50+ logins with passwords that need to change frequently for security purposes and create massive frustration for members.

Ezement has solved this problem.  By implementing the biometric 2 factor authentication systems that nearly all agents are familiar with on their phones, tablets, and computers, we’re able to wipe away the password, while actually increasing security!

Industry Leading Features

Add Your Own SSOs

Ezement allows you to add your own tiles including easy setup of OIDC / oAuth connections.


We built the most advanced security platform available to the industry. We can write custom security rules for each client.


Utilizing Passkeys, we have effectively removed the need for Realtors to remember a password.

Mobile App

On top of our web based access, members can utilize our mobile app to SSO into all of the tools you provide.

Brokerage Customization

You can allow your brokerage members to create their own custom dashboards just for their agents.

Federated IdP

Our identity management system can connect up to your other tools to keep users in sync.

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