Spring Broker

Spring Broker now with AVM

Spring Broker is a fully hosted, turnkey real estate solution for real estate brokers. Unlike most products on the market today Spring has proven to be successful for years. Released in 2011 to be a consumer portal for MLSs, Spring is now available for brokers and now features SellWayFast, an AVM-powered way generate seller leads.

  • Google and Mobile Friendly Responsive Design
  • Mapping, Overlays, FEMA integration, etc.
  • Easy keyword-style search
  • Locally managed and configured Lead Management system
  • AVM-powered Seller option powered by SellWayFast *see note
  • Broker-level API to power your network, integrate best-in-class services
  • Feature agents with individual profile pages
  • “Work with” button connects consumers with your agents
  • Backed by 20 years of experience in real estate tech and a Patent on the process

Use Case #1

A buyer does a search and clicks on an IDX property, like the one above in Dallas. They click “Save this listing” and add it to a Collection. Collections keep the buyer updated with changes to the listing and one day they ask the listing agent for a showing. The request is emailed to the brokerage and also saved to a lead pool on the brokerage dashboard. Where leads go and how long agents have to retrieve a lead is configurable at the Office level.

Use Case #2

A homeowner sees an online ad offering quick closings and visits the website. They enter the property address and vitals including their estimate of value and desired time-frame. The Spring Broker system identifies the property from public records and MLS data and applies an Automated Valuation Model (AVM). The seller receives a report giving them a range of value and a CMA-like set of statistics. The office receives an email and also a new lead is entered into the lead pool on the brokerage dashboard. The report delivered to the broker includes more statistics including which properties may be undervalued. Where leads go and how long agents have to retrieve a lead is configurable at the Office level. *see note

Spring Broker is a comprehensive solution to take your brand to market. With Spring Broker your business can have a portal like the big guys. Spring Broker is based on the same software that runs the official MLS portal in Dallas and San Diego and by the statewide MLSs in Vermont and New Hampshire, Looking for a high-ROI brokerage solution? This is it.

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*note: SeeWayFast is available in most markets for the residential category only. Leads come in directly to the brokerage and are not shared.