Mid Year 2015: 17 Years on the Floor

As the myriad of real estate professionals crowd into the Marriott Wardman this week, it is impossible not to look back over those years and be amazed at the trajectory of the company and the industry. So many things have

We want to see you in DC!

Realtor Party Convention and Trade Expo May12-16 Washington DC The Solid Earthlings will be in DC and we would love to see you! Schedule a time to chat or just swing by our booth. Email us at sales@24c.d14.mwp.accessdomain.com or kstanfield@24c.d14.mwp.accessdomain.com Tweet

Inman News Runs Long Piece on Spring

On December 4th Inman News Associate Editor Andrea Brambila published a great, long article about Spring. She described the platform as a new “lean MLS” platform and went on to quote blog posts from me and from Solid Earth’s Chief

The Rise of “Lean MLS”

Recently, a very loud statement was made to the industry by The Realty Alliance at CMLS in Boise. Craig Cheatham and the people he represents are making a simple point to MLS administrators: Re-build the MLS so it benefits us, not you.

SpringMLS, Getting Down to Business

So, the Solid Earthlings just kicked off the Third Year of development on the new Spring Platform, started in May 2011. We have not always known what it would be called, or really what would be in it. Neither did

Solid Earth Summit 2013

I’ll be honest with you. In the past, I haven’t exactly counted the seconds before the next Solid Earth User Summit. The Summit is an annual event where we bring all our client Staff people (and hopefully some of their