Spring SEO Tweak: Managing Old Links

Our customer in San Diego recently pointed out a potential problem with Search Engine Optimization in Spring. When someone Googles a property address, they sometimes get a Page Not Found message like the one in the image in this post.

Spring Refresh: Shiny Newness and More

Most living things have developmental stages. All cats were once kittens; all dogs: puppies. The Spring real estate marketing platform from Solid Earth is a living thing too. It changes all the time based on input from customers and from

Proven Brand Support

Last week I wrote a short post about Spring and gave five reasons why a real estate trade association should adopt it as their MLS portal. I have gotten a bunch of questions about what I meant about one thing

Solid Earth is Moving

Since 2011 Solid Earth has been diligently working to improve our approach to the full technology stack we employ to service our clients. This time of improvement has had its ups and downs, but has produced results that we are

RealtySouth Partners w/ Local MLS via Spring API

Solid Earth, GreaterAlabamaMLS and RealtySouth have announced one of the first agreements using Solid Earth’s new Spring real estate technology platform. The Spring system powers GreaterAlabamaMLS which is used by all brokers and agents in the large central Alabama region where the brand