Solid Earth is Moving

Since 2011 Solid Earth has been diligently working to improve our approach to the full technology stack we employ to service our clients. This time of improvement has had its ups and downs, but has produced results that we are

SpringMLS, Getting Down to Business

So, the Solid Earthlings just kicked off the Third Year of development on the new Spring Platform, started in May 2011. We have not always known what it would be called, or really what would be in it. Neither did

T-Minus 10 Days and Counting

Eighteen months ago we promised our customers a viable replacement candidate for their LIST-IT systems. A new MLS they could start using this fall, to be released at the 2012 NAR Expo in Orlando. That is next week and we are eager to show everyone what we’ve accomplished.

Team Work and Gleanings

It takes a team to accomplish plans as complex as this migration. No one person can do it all. And they have worked long hours and have given great thought on how to make a transition this monumental have as little impact on our clients as possible.