Interview with Lee Garland

One bizarre experience I had recently was when I listed a neighbors house. The owners had to be in Utah in 72 hours. Once they left, I went over to see what I would be working with. There were still at least 3 truck loads of stuff left in the house along with a big surprise I found in their son’s room.

The Consumer Voice

If you’re working for real estate professionals who are trying to earn back the trust of the consumer, you’d better be aware of what the consumer is thinking.

The first signs of Spring

A few weeks ago, five Solid Earthlings piled in an SUV and drove to the Chattanooga Area Association of REALTORS. Our hosts were 15 area brokers, agents and MLS and Association staff; the task before us: to re-establish the local professional as the expert in the buying and selling of real estate.

The last pre-NAR missive

Welcome to our last pre-NAR 2012 blog post. What you’ve been reading in this space for the last month, hopefully, has been very valuable to you. We’ve attempted to answer some questions, allay some fears and lay out what you

T-Minus 10 Days and Counting

Eighteen months ago we promised our customers a viable replacement candidate for their LIST-IT systems. A new MLS they could start using this fall, to be released at the 2012 NAR Expo in Orlando. That is next week and we are eager to show everyone what we’ve accomplished.

A month away from NAR

Wow. We’re only one month away from NAR. We’ve been working toward this for over a year and it’s finally (almost) here. Our office feels a lot like Macy’s must feel like a month before Christmas – minus the mannequins and fake Santa.

Xplode in Alabama

Thanks to a lot of hard work by Matt, Juli, and all of the Alabama Solid Earthlings, Xplode took place last Thursday at the Cahaba Grand Conference Center just South of I-459 in Birmingham. The content was pretty impressive.

Solid Earth Summit 2012: Charleston

Charleston feels like a second home to me and I’m a big fan. Fan enough to allow my two daughters to both come here to attend college. It’s also been Solid Earth’s second largest customer since about 2002, when one


So it’s been a rough week at Solid Earth. Over the last couple of years we have tried to communicate to our customers that transparency in our communication is critical. To deliver enterprise software well, our company must disclose everything