Forgotten Coast Makes Memorable Decision

To me, the phrase “Forgotten Coast” brings to mind images of old Florida. Low ragged shrubs and palmettos. Palm trees obscuring the relentless sun, casting deep leafy shadows over quaint flat bungalows tucked in among the dunes. I am talking

Proven Brand Support

Last week I wrote a short post about Spring and gave five reasons why a real estate trade association should adopt it as their MLS portal. I have gotten a bunch of questions about what I meant about one thing

We want to see you in DC!

Realtor Party Convention and Trade Expo May12-16 Washington DC The Solid Earthlings will be in DC and we would love to see you! Schedule a time to chat or just swing by our booth. Email us at or Tweet

Spring – Feature Update

The great thing about working in an “agile” company is the way we can easily adjust to needs of our customers and the swift changes in the technology and real estate industry. Since our last feature update on broker deep links we have added new features to Spring including updates to search, mapping, and the homepage.

9º and Growing

It’s supposed to be 9º in Alabama tonight but spring is just around the corner! With that in mind, Solid Earth is quietly at work on our very own Spring. We are excited to have almost 25,000 Spring subscribers in five cities by the end of April 2014, including one of the top ten markets in the country.

Inman News Runs Long Piece on Spring

On December 4th Inman News Associate Editor Andrea Brambila published a great, long article about Spring. She described the platform as a new “lean MLS” platform and went on to quote blog posts from me and from Solid Earth’s Chief