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We are partnering with clients to make technology accessible, useful, and valuable to real estate professionals.

Solid Earth has a very deliberate approach to bringing in new business: intentionally executing only a few projects per year. This controlled growth approach allows our development team to devote all resources on the individual project; a concept foreign in the industry and the primary means to our success.

Solid Earth has earned a reputation for close customer service, a highly functional suite of cutting-edge products and a long list of loyal clients. Changing systems is not something to be taken lightly. There must be a overwhelmingly compelling reason to do so and for a growing list of partners, Solid Earth has been that reason.

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Many markets have similarities, but the differences can’t be ignored by a one-size-fits all approach.

Solid Earth has made a reputation by creating modern real estate marketing platforms and working with client organizations on their own terms. No versions, no ending points, and always evolving as your needs evolve.