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We are partnering with clients to make technology accessible, useful, and valuable to real estate professionals.

Solid Earth is a veteran of the real estate technology industry demo-ing its first Internet-based system in 1995, well ahead of the field. The first production site went live in 1998 and remained at that account for 15 years. Solid Earth had, at one point, 25 markets in 15 states serving about 8% of the market nationally.

Now, Solid Earth’s new service, the Spring system, is a completely new, built-for-mobile real estate information platform. The service has two parts, a Database, and a User Interface (UI). The User interface is an award-winning, feature-rich experience for buyers and sellers of real property and for their agents and brokers. The Database is separate and can be swapped out from one provider to another with relative ease due to the use of an Application Programming Interface or API. The separation of the database from the UI allows MLSs and Brokers to use Spring on top of Flex, or LIST-IT, or Matrix, or Paragon or even RPR/AMP.

Solid Earth is managed by long-time CEO Matt Fowler. Matt coaches a team of programmers, marketers and IT staff based in Huntsville, Alabama. Contact Matt at 256-799-2201, on Twitter @mattfowler or on the Solid Earth Facebook page.

For more information about Solid Earth, please contact us.

Many markets have similarities, but the differences can’t be ignored by a one-size-fits all approach.

Solid Earth has made a reputation by creating modern real estate marketing platforms and working with client organizations on their own terms. No versions, no ending points, and always evolving as your needs evolve.