Spring-on-AMP: Birmingham commits to Pilot, Joins Franklin/Gulf

Solid Earth Expands Partnership with RPR’s Advanced Multi-List Platform™ (AMP™) With Multiple MLS Partners

Huntsville, AL October 19, 2017 – 2017 has been a transitional year for Spring, as we predicted. Last September Solid Earth and RPR announced that the popular Spring Portal service would be available for markets utilizing its Advanced Multi-List Platform™ (AMP™). After some early trials, Solid Earth’s customer, the 300-member Franklin & Gulf County MLS in Florida opted-in to the project. Now, the 4,000-member Birmingham Association of REALTORS®, the largest real estate organization in Alabama, has decided to join as well.

Matt Fowler, CEO of Solid Earth said this week “Both markets have used the Spring service as a Consumer Portal since 2014. After years of development, Spring has grown to be an extraordinary marketing platform, purpose-built for real estate. Featuring responsive design, in-app communication, blog content management, social media integration, natural language property search, an integrated ad network, image tagging, lead routing and way more, Spring is the most feature-rich portal on the market.

“This is not new”, said Cliff Long, CEO of the Greater Alabama Multiple Listing Service. “What it is”, advised Long, “Is past due considering today’s technological capabilities. Years ago, when I arrived in Birmingham, members engaged me and gave me a clear message through our first strategic plan… “Move our industry forward”. “Moving forward sometimes involves someone being willing to step out and take the lead and integrating new things even when others aren’t willing to follow. We all know that the next generation of MLS cooperation and collaboration is upon us. It’s not going to happen tomorrow, it’s happening right now. I don’t want these changes to happen to me, I want to be the change that the members that I work for, are looking for!”

“Greater Alabama (powered by Spring from Solid Earth) has a proven track record of driving traffic to members in our market and we were one of the first in the country to adopt an API-powered system”, Long continued. “Three years ago, Birmingham was nominated for an Inman award for holding a hackathon, because we were, and are, acting as a catalyst for innovation. This new agreement with RPR’S AMP system and with Solid Earth is an extension of that work and a demonstration of our confidence in the strategy and in our partners.”

Gloria Salinard, CEO of the Franklin and Gulf County Association of REALTORS® in Florida was an early adopter, even before Birmingham. Gloria said recently “Yes we opted into this early in the process for several reasons. We were confident in the strategy and confident in the people behind it. We are a small group so it has been meaningful to us to get to engage with RPR’S AMP system and with Solid Earth and have an impact on the development of these systems for our members. We are not 100% sure what it will look like when it is done but we are certain it will be better for our members to be a part of AMP.”

As described in the press release last year, the RPR’S AMP system will allow Solid Earth to swap the property resource from the Spring API to the AMP API without disrupting the user experience. Solid Earth customers who choose Spring-on-AMP will get to combine all the features of Spring with all of the MLS backend features, public records and MLS data from RPR. That is a truly powerful combination.

Solid Earth, Greater Alabama and Franklin & Gulf County, FL together with RPR’S AMP system have a new project timeline for 2018. As AMP exposes new methods, Solid Earth will make those features available in Spring throughout a 40-week project schedule. Gradually, more and more of the existing Spring sites will rely on the AMP API in place of the Solid Earth Spring API. At the end of this project, both markets, and potentially many more, will have a viable replacement candidate for their existing MLS software.

And, more broadly, the new system represents a whole new architecture, not just a new vendor. It is much more than that. It replaces a siloed product with an open data service. Solid Earth has written extensively on this blog about the impact this will have on the industry, this is a fulfillment of all of that work over the last six year. It’s an epic story of moving from closed to open. From bottleneck to a catalyst for innovation. From silos to networks. From products to services.
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Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®), a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Association of REALTORS®, is an exclusive online real estate database providing REALTORS® with the analytical power to help their clients make better-informed decisions while increasing efficiency in the marketplace. For more information about RPR, visit http://blog.narrpr.com.

About Solid Earth
Solid Earth has been in the real estate software business for more than 16 years and has been located in historic downtown Huntsville, Alabama since its inception. The Spring Platform now serves more than 90,000 real estate professionals nationwide including statewide Vermont and New Hampshire, San Diego, CA; Baton Rouge, LA; Birmingham AL; Apalachicola FL, Indianapolis IN, NW Mississippi, Staten Island, NY and Outer Banks, NC.

About Spring
Spring focuses on elevating the broker and agent as the local market expert while inviting the consumer into the heart of the transaction. Spring’s responsive design eliminates the need for separate downloads, installs, or external mobile apps.

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