A Symbiotic Partnership to Benefit MLS Subscribers

A couple of months ago MIke Wurzer CEO of FBS and Matt Fowler CEO of Solid Earth announced a new agreement. The agreement calls for Solid Earth to rewire the popular Spring Consumer Portal onto the industry-leading Spark data service. This simple agreement does several things that deserve mentioning:

  • Gives FBS accounts easy access to a best-in-class portal,
  • Instantly gives FBS a new service to market to their network,
  • Instantly makes Spring accessible to hundreds of cities,
  • Integrates the lead channel through the portal with FlexMLS.

So, first thing, there are 217,000 FlexMLS users who arguably need a better consumer-facing user experience. When the Spring-on-Spark project is complete this Fall, leads will come into Spring and be inserted into FlexMLS. This means that users will receive new leads into their FlexMLS contact list without leaving Flex. No need to login to Spring to Claim your leads, they will be written to the same list that FlexMLS uses for contacts.

Seeing the property data in both Spring and in Flex is not that hard anymore. Linking the rest of the information like contacts is harder. Other information is important to have in both places too, such as likesĀ and saves, and favorites and page impressions. Those are coming too so that members get a full picture whichever software they use.

Watch this blog and our Facebook page for more information as the project proceeds.

Are you a FlexMLS user? Ask your MLS Coordinator or your Association Executive about how Spring can empower your MLS.

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