Spring in NEREN, a year later

NEREN LogoSo it’s Spring™ in New England, in fact, it’s been Spring in New England for a year! In early 2016 Solid Earth launched one of our largest Spring projects to-date for the Concord, NH-based New England Real Estate Network. The project was a challenge because the NEREN site had been up for years and had significant traffic. While no software project is ever really “done”, now that time has passed we are able to see the scope of the project and judge it’s success.

You measure success in many ways, usually by identifying key performance indicators (KPI) and tracking how they fare over time. Some of the most important KPIs in marketing on the web include impressions, people on the site, time on the site, pages per visit, bounce rate, etc. NEREN is excelling on all counts:

NEREN Performance April 2017

Those are enviable stats for any marketer. 10.7 pages per visit, over six minutes on-site, less than 25% bounce rate and of course, over 2.7 million pages viewed in one month. That’s a great result.

In addition to those KPIs, Solid Earth also tracks the number of registrants, the number of leads flowing through the system and how many are claimed by agents and brokers as members of the system. While we can’t release NEREN’s internal performance metrics, we can tell you that if you divide the value of the leads by the total amount NEREN pays for Spring, the ROI is above 300%. That’s a truly great result!

Here’s what Joe Ryan the CEO had to say:

“NEREN has been working with Solid Earth for a couple years to provide the MLS public website, www.neren.com and the Downstream IDX option for members. Their team is always very responsive, willing to discuss enhancements and change requests, bring new opportunities to the table and are forward thinking. We value our partnership with Solid Earth; they know this space and are always working to keep the product fresh and progressive.” – Joe Ryan, CEO

To see what NEREN has to offer visit www.neren.com. And if your MLS has a public site but you’d like to make it more effective for your members, just call Solid Earth or click the button to schedule a Demo.

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