Spring Consumer Portal as an AMP Front End

The Spring™ Consumer Portal from Solid Earth was featured this month by RPR® on their monthly Webinar followed by a Press Release. In the release RPR Chief Executive Officer Dale Ross said:

“RPR is gratified that Solid Earth has embraced the AMP™ concept of an open database accessed through APIs. Front end of choice is a concept which has been envisioned by the industry for years. Spring was one of the first market ready expressions of this concept in 2011, which makes them an outstanding partner for AMP. RPR is very enthusiastic about the opportunity to work with the Solid Earth team to help them bring the the AMP™ system to their MLS clients.”

I could write a book about how to use Spring and about how enabling an API can be as part of an IT strategy. But, instead, I think I’ll let RPR do it. Here’s more from the Press Release:

“Spring allows an MLS to swap out its backend system while retaining the user experience for a more stable operating environment. Spring also allows members to plug into the API and create their own user interfaces. Moreover, distributing the data through the Application Program Interface (API) provides a highly granular look at who is using what data and when, for accounting purposes. AMP™, a technological initiative that will reimagine the architecture of the modern MLS system, allows application developers to provide a broad range of products so that MLSs can offer subscribers choice and flexibility in the tools they provide. AMP™ separates the back-end database, where listing information and data are stored, from the front-end user application that an agent or appraiser uses to ask for data. By separating the front end from the back end, AMP™ makes possible an entirely new generation of software tools that agents can pick and choose from.”

That is good stuff. If you read back on the Solid Earth blog in 2011 and 2012 you will find numerous posts about how empowering an API is in fueling innovation. It feels that the industry recognizes the value of technology that Solid Earth adopted years ago. Don’t think we are gloating though, we don’t believe the industry was late, we think that we were way too early. And we can now prove to anyone who wants to know that being early is financially equivalent to being wrong! Still, now that the time has come it is nice to be ready.

Solid Earth is ready. Spring is now serving over 80,000 MLS members in eleven states and is the official consumer-facing real estate search portal in: Dallas, San Diego, Indianapolis, Vermont, New Hampshire, Birmingham, Baton Rouge, El Paso and several other markets. Plus, coming soon in Staten Island and Charlottesville. Each of these markets have MLS vendors but the consumers and the members using the system never experience a cutover. Solid Earth’s patented data management system can pull data from any MLS vendor using RETS or an API so the User Experience can finally be separated from the back-end systems.

So follow this thread for the next couple of months. Solid Earth is working on some still-secret projects that should start becoming available later this year. It is going to be a very interesting season.

(note: reposting this from backup, the old post was lost in an upgrade.)

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