Pro Dashboard in Spring and a Vocab Question


We get questions from people who use our software all the time. It is something we like most about working in the business. We are designers and engineers and marketers who get to hypothesise about people’s preferences and then test them. When people call and ask questions, or make suggestions, or complain, we almost always learn something. A smart person told me “a complaint is just a suggestion in the negative”; usually a very good one too!

Recently a new REALTOR customer emailed and asked what “Impressions” meant on the Spring™ Dashboard. The Spring design team meets daily to plan and brainstorm. Today we talked about what word would have been more clear. We would rather not write a paragraph, that takes up too much space and our traffic is over 70% mobile.

So, we thought we would write a short blog post to explain, and also to appeal to others for guidance.

In the screenshot above the colored boxes are mine, added for reference. On the real screen there is a very light grey background box separating the three sections: Visits, Search and Activity. If you are a Pro member, login to your Spring site and click Dashboard. This is what each section and term means:

  • Visits: A View is counted when the Listing Detail Page for that listing is viewed by someone, how ever they arrived at the page.
  • Search: There are three columns in the Search section: Impressions, Clicks and Clicks/Impressions.
    • An Impression is counted when a listing is viewed in a search result list. It is not enough just to match the search, the listing has to be included in the group of 20 listings displayed each time the user advances to the next page.
    • A Click is when someone clicks on a listing in a search result to go to the Listing Detail Page.
    • Clicks per Impression is a common measurement used in marketing to show the relative popularity of something, like a product, or an image. It is the ratio of Clicks to Impressions.
  • Activity: Leads also has three columns: Leads, Leads/Views and Collections.
    • Leads are counted when someone fills out the Request More Info form on the Listing Detail Page.
    • Leads per Views is another popularity metric. This shows how many people asked for more information out of all the people who clicked all the way through to view the Listing Detail Page.
    • Collections refers to the number of people who have added the listing to the list of properties they have chosen to keep up with online. It is another engagement metric showing how attracted people are to the property.

Anyone got a better suggestion? Maybe “Pageviews” instead of “Views”? “Search Impressions” instead of “Impressions”. Thanks for any help!

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