Mid Year 2015: 17 Years on the Floor


As the myriad of real estate professionals crowd into the Marriott Wardman this week, it is impossible not to look back over those years and be amazed at the trajectory of the company and the industry. So many things have changed, so many companies once prominent on the Expo floor are nowhere to be found. Solid Earth is still here though, albeit in a slightly different space. Instead of a traditional MLS platform, this year we are promoting three services, one of them entirely new for 2015.

Our three topics this year are:

The Spring Portal – The leading way to take your local MLS brand to market. Released first in 2012, the Spring system has been adopted by three of the twelve largest real estate markets in the county in the last 18 months. San Diego, Dallas and Indianapolis as well as several smaller markets have joined the Spring Network and are growing their brand every day. Google recently announced that Responsive Design is critical for high search engine ranking. Due to the huge growth in mobile and tablet traffic, Google believes that sites that are not inherently optimized for mobility, as all Responsive sites are, do not deserve to be ranked highly. Spring has been responsive from the beginning and is always optimized for mobility so be sure your portal is responsive. Click here for more information about Spring Portal.

Downstream IDX – If you work in a market with a Spring Portal, Downstream is the easiest way to get a responsive IDX service built into your website. We are taking broker names from other markets to help plan our expansion but as of 05/12/15 Downstream IDX can be purchased only in: Metro San Diego, Dallas, Metro Indianapolis, Metro Birmingham, Baton Rouge, Panama City Florida, Apalachicola Florida, Tuscaloosa Alabama or Mobile Alabama. Downstream is designed to be the easiest, least expensive way to get mobile friendly IDX data into your brokerage or agent site. Click here for more information about Downstream IDX.

Downstream for WordPress – Downstream for WordPress is a new way to add IDX listings to your WordPress website. With a plugin, the data is pulled from the MLS into forms native to your site. That means that the data is accessible by Google and the other search engines and will cause your site to be much more highly ranked. Anyone can download the new plug-in for free from the WP store. To make it work with real data, all you have to do is buy an API key from our API fulfillment site. If you don’t have an account just register and choose the “Sandbox” option wen you register. This will allow you to test the app with faked data until you are ready to launch. When you are, just buy a “Production” key for your market(s) and enter it into the WordPress dashboard. With Downstream for WordPress you can combine all of the MLSs to which you belong into one seamless feed. Click here for more information about Downstream for WordPress.

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