Spring SEO Tweak: Managing Old Links

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Our customer in San Diego recently pointed out a potential problem with Search Engine Optimization in Spring. When someone Googles a property address, they sometimes get a Page Not Found message like the one in the image in this post. When that happens, Google tries to improve their search results by removing the link for future searches. The site too will be penalized for allowing a broken page to happen.

To solve this problem the Spring team created a simple solution, an off market landing page. With these pages in place, there is never an error message and all listings are persistently available to the search engines. This keeps old links from returning an error to the consumer increasing the enjoyment of using the site, and improving search engine results.

The off market landing pages only show basic information like the map location and essential property information. It does not show brokerage information, since it’s no longer a listing, and does not show photos or remarks or other data elements that might belong to a particular Broker. We’ve made certain other modifications to the page to make it work better with Google too. So far, the results are fantastic, showing a 2/3 increase in clicks in just one month.

The pages look like this (click on it for a live sample on the new www.MLSBox.com). Great job Spring Team!

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