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morial center

Morial Center in NOLA

In November 2014, Solid Earth attended our 16th National Association of REALTORS Expo. This year we were back in the familiar Ernest N Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. We love NOLA and this year the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) committee passed a couple of modifications to the IDX rules and regs that make us love it even more. Click here for way more than you want to know about it. There were two important changes but the one we want to talk about today affects brokers and agents ability to work in areas with overlapping MLSs. If you are a member of more than one MLS, or if your Broker is, you need to read this. With the new changes, there is finally a cure for that pesky OMD (overlapping market disorder).

Section 18.3.11 of the Internet Data Exchange (“IDX”) Rules be amended (all types) An MLS Participant (or where permitted locally, an MLS Subscriber) may co-mingle the listings of other brokers received in an IDX feed with listings available from other MLS IDX feeds, provided all such displays are consistent with the IDX rules, and the MLS Participant (or MLS Subscriber) holds participatory rights in those MLSs. As used in this policy, “co-mingling” means that consumers are able to execute a single property search of multiple IDX data feeds resulting in the display of IDX information from each of the MLSs on a single search results page; and that Participants may display listings from each IDX feed on a single webpage or display. (Adopted 11/14)

The new rule allows brokers and agents to combine IDX feeds from two or more MLSs into a seamless property search. If you are member of Birmingham MLS for example, and your office is also a member of Montgomery MLS, you can sign-up through Solid Earth for the new Downstream IDX service and get a search tool that returns both sets of listings. Your buyers will deeply appreciate not having to do two searches. And you’ll lose fewer customers to the national portals now that your data is not trapped in separate “buckets”.

This is huge for people working in areas with multiple MLSs. There are still rules of course, good ones. First remember that you have to be a member of each MLS in order to sign-up for IDX. Also, some MLSs require everyone in the office to be a member. But, depending on the rules of your local MLS, this is either really really easy, or just greatly simplified. The bottom line is that you can now add adjacent MLSs to your website’s property search for very little $$$.

If you are a member in a market where there is a Spring portal (list below) all we need to know is which MLSs you would like to have added to your feed. It would be very helpful to hear from you on this topic so please either add a comment to this post or fill out this form to help us prioritize which MLS’s IDX feeds will be imported first. So exciting! We love innovation!

Spring Markets include:

  • (Metro Birmingham Alabama)
  • (Metro Baton Rouge Louisiana)
  • (Metro San Diego California)
  • (Apalachicola Florida)
  • (Tuscaloosa Alabama) Coming in Early 2015
  • (Metro Indianapolis Indiana) Coming in Early 2015
  • (Northwest Mississippi MLS) Coming in Early 2015

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