Looking Forward to Spring 2015


Happy New Year and welcome to 2015. I wanted to drop a quick post out for the Solid Earth Network community about the Spring project, looking back a little here at the start of a new year.

By any measure, 2014 was a huge year for the Spring project. Here are some highlights:

Early in the year, GreaterAlabamaMLS held a Hackathon at The Innovation Depot in Birmingham that was nominated for an Inman Innovator Award. main-logoFriends and developers came from all over the country and had a great time. The Depot is an amazing space and we saw some cool apps written during the event using the Spring API. Very cool. One was an integration with BackAgent, a broker productivity tool represented at the event by our friend Ryan Missman. We also had Seth Seigler from Curb Call and Greg Moore from RMLS in Portland. It was the hippest week of the year by far!

A couple of months later Spring won a competition to build a new brand vehicle for one of the largest real estate markets in the country in San Diego, California. That site launched in June at www.sandicormls.com and is already providing value. We were thrilled to get to work with Ray Ewing and his staff, we are very much looking forward to working with them to make the site even better in 2015.

A couple of months later Spring was selected by the Metro Indianapolis Board of Realtors to build their new consumer portal, the site will launch in March. Tom Renkert at MIBOR seems like a great guy and we are excited to get to work together. We even discovered just after our contract award that he and I have some mutual friends, completely unrelated to real estate. It is truly a small small world.

Then, Spring was nominated by Inman News as one of the most innovative real estate products in the country in 2014. Both Spring and the Hackathon event were selected as Finalists for the award ceremony in October. Neither won ultimately but it was a great honor just being picked as a finalist.

Then, over the summer, four long-time LIST-IT customers chose to adopt Spring: the Greater Baton Rouge Association of REALTORS in Louisiana; the Franklin and Gulf County Florida Association of REALTORS in Apalachicola, Florida; the Tuscaloosa Association of REALTORS in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and the Northwest Mississippi Association of REALTORS just south of Memphis in Nesbit, Mississippi. Two of those sites are up and running, Baton Rouge at MLSBox.com and Franklin at ForgottenCoastMLS.com. The others are on the roadmap for early Spring, starting with Tuscaloosa.

While that would have been a busy year, things really picked up in the fourth quarter. Just before the National Association of REALTORS Expo in New Orleans Spring was selected by another win, this time in Texas.

While we can’t talk about the project quite yet. It’s a good one! Spring was selected in a national competition to build a new portal for a major Texas market. The new customer is also working with some of the most respected consultants in the industry so we are even more excited to get to work with them!

So, at the end of the year, looking back, we can now say that 2014 was chartbuster. It was filled with challenges but in the end, Spring was adopted by three Top 20 US cities and we can start to see just how big it will be. How big will Spring get? Big. Really big.

Thanks everyone, stay tuned for more Spring News coming soon. Happy New Year!

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