Spring Portal: Some Preliminary Questions Before NAR

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So Spring is a really pretty thing, that’s clear enough. But we are in business and that means we are focused on delivering a service that is economically successful. In the interest of saving you and us lots of time in New Orleans next week, allow us to cover some basics. What does Spring do? What does “portal” mean exactly? Is it an MLS? Is it an IDX or VOW product?

What does it do?It’s a website designed to feature real estate for sale and to route inquiries from consumers to the appropriate member/professional. The website is similar to other search portals like Zillow and Move. It shows consumers how to search for property and to connect with local sales agents to ask questions and set-up appointments etc. That’s a portal. With a targeted marketing focus and some time, a great platform like Spring can enable a local association -or even a broker- to compete with national and regional portals. There are many technical details, contact us for those and/or read this.

Is it an MLS? No, it’s not an MLS. To be an MLS, members would have to use it to enter and manage the listing information. Instead, Spring Portal is an easy add-on to the existing MLS and pulls the data every 15 minutes using RETS so that it can be used in Spring. For example, in San Diego and Baton Rouge Spring connects to Black Knight’s Paragon system and in Indianapolis to CoreLogic’s Matrix system (coming soon). Spring can connect to any RETS compliant MLS so if yours is less than stellar when it comes to consumer interactions, Spring could be the answer.

Is it an IDX product? Yes, a brand new one. Spring is a portal but it can also be installed for Brokers and Agents (rules permitting) in two ways: a Broker Portal and also as an IDX service we call Downstream IDX. Let me explain:

  • Broker Portal – Solid Earth can configure the Spring Portal for use by individual brokers for use as their office/company website. This product is available now in any Spring Portal market (see the bottom of this page for a list). Features include all of the Portal features plus customized buyer lead and seller lead routing and mortgage lead routing through the affordability calculator.
  • Downstream IDX – Any member of a Spring Portal can sign-up for Downstream IDX through the Agent Profile (see the bottom of this page for a list). Inexpensive and fully integrated into the Spring project, Downstream is an excellent choice for IDX. There will be more about Downstream in the coming weeks.

Why is it better than other products? First, there is the pretty part. Spring is beautiful and it adapts itself to any screen or device with a technique called Responsive Design. But it’s strong too. And smart. Spring tracks dozens of elements relating to every click as consumers and agents use the system. That data and much more information is presented to the professional members of the system so they can better manage their digital marketing efforts. So, finally. Do you need to come by a see us at NAR? If you are one of these people, then definitely yes:

  • An MLS/Association that wants to take back their local markets with a high quality search portal
  • A Broker that wants a high quality portal to represent their brand in the local market
  • A judge from the Inman Innovation Awards so we can thank you for making us a finalist in two categories this year!

* Black Knight, Paragon, CoreLogic and Matrix are all protected marks of their respective owners and legal departments. No rights assumed or implied.

Here’s a list of current Spring Markets as of 11/01/2014:

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