FAQs from last Friday’s Inman News DemoDay

questionSo here are some Questions generated during and after the Inman News Demo Day on Friday August 22nd.

Q: Can you use Spring in Canada? A: Yes, you can use this in Canada. The dedicated User Experience Designer we were just describing is from Toronto area and went to University of Guelph. We know we don’t need to be Canadian for the software to work there but it probably helps.

Q: Can you use Spring as a Portal but use a different MLS? A: Yes, we specifically designed Spring to work that way. It’s working that way in San Diego paired with Black Knight’s Paragon system. We have a special product called a Paragon Plugin that we sell to Spring users who wish to sync leads etc with Paragon.

Q: Is Spring RETS Compliant? A: Yes, Solid Earth was a charter member of the Real Estate Standards Organization and our data is all stored using RETS Standard Names for accessibility.

Q: What does Spring cost? A: Spring can be configured to power a city or a single real estate office. For that reason, there is a range of pricing available depending on how the system is staged and what datasets it contains. Generally speaking, portals for cities start at a few thousand dollars / month. IDX and VOW solutions are far less expensive, starting around $100/month for companies and teams and around $50/month for agents.

Q: Is Spring available in my area? A: Yes! As long as you live in one of the cities in the list below. If you do not live in one of these cities Solid Earth has not yet mapped or scheduled your area. But, we still want to build you a site so contact us at sales@24c.d14.mwp.accessdomain.com or fill out this form to let us know you are interested.

  • San Diego, CA – SandicorMLS
  • Birmingham, AL – GreaterAlabamaMLS
  • Panama City, FL – Bay County MLS
  • Chattanooga, TN – Greater Chattanooga MLS
  • Baton Rouge, LA – Greater Baton Rouge MLS
  • Lafayette, LA – Acadiana MLS
  • Apalachicola, FL – Franklin & Gulf Counties MLS

Q: What if my company is a member of more than one MLS? A: Spring is great for this. If you are a member of more than one MLS Solid Earth will connect to all of them and pull data into Spring. This will let your customers see all of the inventory that your brokerage license entitles you to display, in keeping with the MLS rules of course.

Q: How do the agents get the leads? A: That’s part of the reason that makes Spring so powerful. The owner of the site, that’s the MLS or the Broker usually but could be an agent, specifies how long a lead sits with the Listing Agent, usually in minutes. Then the lead routes to the Broker/Office Manager for handling. It’s up to the Broker how long the listing agents gets the lead, if at all. The takeaway is that it’s configurable to work basically however the site owner wants.

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