Spring Refresh: Shiny Newness and More

Little KittyMost living things have developmental stages. All cats were once kittens; all dogs: puppies. The Spring real estate marketing platform from Solid Earth is a living thing too. It changes all the time based on input from customers and from the really special and creative people on the Spring design team. Every now and then there are leaps in developmental stages, big milestones that should be marked and celebrated and Spring had one of those this week.

Starting Tuesday in San Diego, new code and features were pushed to the network covering all Spring markets. We updated the user experience (UX) in several ways to improve performance and ease-of-use and we squashed some bugs too. Here’s a short list of the latest fresh baked goodness from the Spring team.

What’s New

  • Updated Dashboard – The revamped Agent Dashboard now includes Top Referring URLs, an Inventory Snapshot and Lead Summary
  • Enhanced Responsive Interface – Layout updates include an interactive side-by-side list and map view, always accessible and collapsable advanced search menu, more real estate on the landing page for SEO friendly content, and additional opportunities for cross-device advertising.
  • Advanced Agent Search – Searching for an agent now gives visitors the ability to quickly click to view that agent’s listing inventory. The auto-complete search will also feed the visitor any possible match to the name they’ve partially entered.
  • Points of Interest – Comprehensive new list of POIs from Factual. This is really cool, we’re all still playing with it. See the insert at the end of the post for a screen shot.
  • Public and Private Collections – Not only did we add a map view to the collections, but we also created Public and Private collections. Visitors, co-signors, trusted friends/family from across the country, your preferred Realtor(R), or your client can now follow a collection to check listing activity. Private collections can also be created and shared by invite only.
  • More Mobile Friendly Search Features – Search options, like price, beds and baths have been refreshed to better accommodate mobile use. The price is now selected via a slider-bar while beds and baths are offered up as radio buttons.
  • Communities List – At the bottom of the landing page, we’ve added a list of local areas/communities/neighborhoods bringing the inventory forward for search engine optimization. This list can be populated based on a number of calculations such as: most searched, a random subset of the total with each page refresh or even a static list.

The Spring team is hitting it’s stride with this release but there are several other features nearing completion. As the new features come across we’ll add another post to highlight the changes.

In the mean time, how is your technology evolving? Leaps and starts? Smooth incremental steps? Not at all? We’re curious… share! We deserve your feedback, if only for the gratuitous use of the kitten picture. 🙂

Screen Shot

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