Finding a Better Way to Do Mobile

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A few weeks ago I wrote about Five Reasons to adopt Spring as your MLS portal. Since then Solid Earth has been selected as a finalist for two(!) Inman Innovator Awards to be announced in a couple of weeks at Real Estate Connect. One of those awards is for Most Innovative Real Estate App, Tool or Vendor for our Spring real estate marketing platform. So what makes Spring so innovative?

There are several features that make Spring innovative: the fact that it is built on a Restful API, that it is a unified design capable of being used as an MLS, as a consumer portal, as a broker portal or all three. Maybe most importantly though, it is one system designed and tested to operate on all current devices: desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. It does Mobile in a better way.

Using a technology called Responsive Web Design, Spring is built using the same design principles used in the top award-winning web properties. It is more than a mobile version of the portal software, it is a way for the users to have a high quality experience no matter what device they are using. So its an excellent way to provide new features to the huge numbers of mobile users on our sites while never taking our attention from the main system, they are the same.

So responsive web design, or RWD, is the up and coming way of including mobile and tablet support inherently, without an extra fee or a need for a separate IT project.

Its great to be recognized as an innovator, especially after 14 years in the business. Its even better for one of our customers to be selected as a finalist, because of an event we managed for them in February called the Hackathon.

If your MLS or your brokerage would like to be innovators in your market, contact the team at Solid Earth for a demo.

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