Five Reasons to Adopt Spring as your MLS Portal

Since the Mid Year Expo, the SolidEarthlings have been talking non-stop to MLS administrators and brokers from around the country about the new Spring platform. Spring is getting that level of attention mainly due to winning a competition for the new Sandicor consumer portal. It’s fun to watch new things catch on and even more fun when big customers buy early stage products. The big reward for us comes when home buyers and sellers begin to engage with our client’s brand. That’s where the magic is for us. Happily, that is starting to happen in Sandicor and the other markets where Spring has been released, we will tell that story as it unfolds.

So now that the dust has settled a little from the Expo, we thought it would be helpful for those people we have not had a chance to reach to summarize the top reasons for adopting Spring as your portal.

  1. Proven – A top ten US city and one of the major real estate markets in California chose Spring in a recent competitive process. They really did their homework so you can just pick us too. The Spring system is operating in parallel with Sandicor’s new Paragon system and can operate parallel with any RETS compliant MLS.
  2. Mobile – Spring is a great consumer portal and a professional mobile app at the same time. This concentrates the most traffic onto your brand domain and increases your visibility online. Runs on all platforms and devices.
  3. Revenue – Spring comes with a Google Ad Network with customer-favorable revenue sharing.
  4. Lead Control – Spring comes with a Lead Management system that collects both Buyer and Seller leads and distributes them to according to Broker Preference. Brokers can also opt out and have their leads directed into their internal systems.
  5. Open – Spring includes the Spring API, a high capacity tool used by software developers and vendors. Installing the Spring API opens the MLS dataset based on the MLSs rules and regulations. It’s an upgrade from RETS like RETS was an upgrade from FTP. Plus, the Spring API is built using the RESO RETS Standard Names Dictionary so it still speaks RETS. See for more information about the API.

So now that you know what Spring is, timing is important. The MLS industry is changing fast and there is some chaos happening. Some trade associations are moving away from branding, some are doubling down on their brands. NAR is suggesting that everyone get behind, we will have to see where that goes over time. Who knows.

Right now though, this year, Solid Earth is looking for visionary markets who want to invest in their local brands, right now. To take their brands to market with a new, proven, built-for-mobile, revenue producing platform that will allow the broker to control the leads and at the same time, open the system for innovation by other vendors (more than just RETS).

Post here to schedule a demonstration and search #SpringRETech on Twitter to join the conversation or contact for more information. You are 90 days from brand renewal.


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