I Like New Maps and I Cannot Lie

Solid Earth continues to support LIST-IT with a massive mapping upgrade. Moving away from a frequently restrictive, generally non-versatile and sometimes congested Google-based interface, Solid Earth is moving its LIST-IT family to an awesome user-friendly open-sourced mapping tool that will alleviate these problems and give us all more flexibility and functionality over time.

First, we all get to keep the same features and functions we know and love and have come to rely on.

In addition to that, this new-fangled open source technology means we, as tech providers, have the versatility to make the maps do what we need them to do when we need them to do it without having to push paperwork through Google’s sometimes congested, and corporate, channels.

How about speed? With open source features, we can add new subdivisions, streets, etc and see the changes appear in the mapping interface within minutes. Win!

Last, but certainly not least, these new LIST-IT maps will allow for great new listing cluster and zoom features where you can see current inventory on a sort of ‘heat map’, drill in closer and see them re-cluster with updated information. Very cool stuff that you can check out HERE. There’s really no limit to what we can do with this great new upgrade and we’re thrilled to be rolling it out to our LIST-IT customers as they move to RackSpace, our new hosting facilities. We’re ready to see how these new maps will help you and your business grow so tell us whatcha think.

For more updates about Solid Earth and the ongoing developments in MLS follow us at @solidearth on Twitter. You can also follow CEO Matt Fowler @mattfowler.

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