RealtySouth Partners w/ Local MLS via Spring API

Solid Earth, GreaterAlabamaMLS and RealtySouth have announced one of the first agreements using Solid Earth’s new Spring real estate technology platform. The Spring system powers GreaterAlabamaMLS which is used by all brokers and agents in the large central Alabama region where the brand operates. Included in the Spring platform is an Application Programming Interface or API. It’s a technical service, a “plug-in” to

Lee Vivien, VP of Information Technology at RealtySouth said, “We currently use API’s from other technology companies and getting one from our largest MLS is a new opportunity and we look forward to exploring the possibilities of real-time access. Cliff Long and his team at the Birmingham Association of Realtors deserve kudos for offering this advanced technology at Alabama’s largest MLS to the benefit of their member brokers.”

“I was focused on solving problems for our partners and RealtySouth is one of the larger subscribers within our MLS.” said Cliff Clong, CEO of the Birmingham Association of REALTORS®.

Unlike many of the “one size fits all ” MLS vendors out there, Solid Earth was responsive when I emphasized that my solution could not take years and that I needed a customized solution right now! The MLS business climate in America is too volatile to leave my business’s tomorrow hinging on fate and hope. When I learned that our MLS vendor’s technology might enable that effort, I put them, our Executive Leadership and the RealtySouth leadership together in a room. We worked it out together, acting like the partners we really are.

GAMLS President, Chip Watts, emphasized the wise parable of “the rising tide floats all boats” and thusly emphasized that an innovative solution would and should benefit every broker in the MLS. “I am ecstatic that our customers are thanking us for extending their businesses and not getting in their way. Our job is to empower our customers, not compete with them.” Watts continued, “RealtySouth is a trendsetter, no doubt about that, but this is open technology, available to all participants. We’re ready to help everyone get this done. The Greater Alabama MLS ideal of empowered and prosperous participants is at the core of this endeavor. Thanks to all who helped.”

“The Spring API is our answer for sophisticated customers like RealtySouth who need more interoperability” said Matt Fowler, CEO of software developer Solid Earth, Inc. “We’re happy that we have have been able to work with GreaterAlabamaMLS to solve some big problems for them. The new platform enables RealtySouth and all brokers in the market to innovate at their own pace, inside the GreaterAlabamamls network.”

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